The anti-blasphemy laws in Italy and in the world are used to suppress political opponents and dissidents, to censor artists, journalists and free thought. We stand for freedom of expression and for the freedom to argue, to oppose, to free space for the intellect to question, to make fun of, to experience the dimension of art and satire. We are organizing the festival of the arts, censored by abuses on the freedom of intellect and expression through anti-blasphemy laws. Contribute yourself to the realization with a donation by clicking here:

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Even if it were minimal it would be like offering us a beer for the commitment 🙂 It is completely self-financed and self-produced: we are volunteers committed to the subject, in art and in the social sector. Each contribution is of fundamental importance. You can also contribute by running the fundraising campaign showing it to your contacts, or by sharing the posts on our Facebook page, by retweeting those on the Twitter profile or following our Instagram profile. If you represent an association and you believe that you can collaborate, make a contribution as a partner, as a supporter or even simply for moral advocacy, click on “partnership request” below:

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