The national campaign #Dioscotto is the initiative with which Italian pastafarians who recognize the authority of the Italian Pastafarian Church join #EndBlapshemyLaws campaing. “Dioscotto” (what does it mean “overcooked god“)  is the typical Pastafarian blasphemy and in 2018, together with the UAAR (the main association for the defense of secularism in Italy), the campaign was the host of an important conference at the Capitol. Since then, his business has continued unstoppable.

In addition to asking for the abolition of the laws against blasphemy, the Pastafarians have set up a fund for the victims of the 724, the article of law according to which, in Italy, blasphemies are punishable as administrative offenses.

Dioscotto then decided to turn his attention to the world of culture, in particular art and satire which are the areas most affected by censorship and sanctions. For example, he supported the expressive rights of the subvertisers Hogre and DoubleWhy, denounced for insulting religion due to urban and anticlerical installations. Ecce homo by Hogre refers to pedophilia among ecclesiastical offices and basically disputes the Western male models that even sacred iconography (blond, white man with blue eyes) has helped to spread. Immaculate conceptio in vitro by DoubleWhy ironically disputes the myth of the immaculate conception, whose meaning – at this point – could be to support, rather than recriminate, homosexual parenting.

Ceci n’est pas un blasphème evolves, in an autonomous but related way, from the experience summarized here.

If you want to know more about #Dioscotto, visit the presentation of the Dioscotto campaign on the website of Italian Pastafarian Church, see the activities of the Church and the news on the topic on the pastafarian web magazine, follow the Dioscotto Facebook page, or write to the takes care of the campaign directly from here:

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