Abel Azcona is among the protagonists of the festival of censored arts, for freedom of expression and against anti-blasphemy laws. Art exhibitions, group shows, live performances, talks, screenings, stand-up comedies, on the theme of censorship for religious reasons and blasphemy.

His path and his work, with a marked autobiographical aspect, is manifested in the artistic media that arise from the performance and evolve into Installation, sculptures, video art, painting or writing, with literary works from essays to literary or commemorative texts. In particular Pederastia – Amen is the work for which he experienced fierce controversies and disputes by religious.

For months Azcona waited for the Eucharist in churches and parishes connected with her childhood, she kept for herself the consecrated hosts given to the participants during the rite of communion. The artist has accumulated 242 hosts, like the number of cases of pedophilia reported in the north of spain in the previous decade. He creates a work by writing “pederasty” with the collected hosts, on the altar of the war memorial in Pamplona. Through the work “Amen”, Azcona denounces cases of child abuse.

Anti-blasphemy laws in Italy and around the world are used to suppress political opponents and dissidents, to censor artists, journalists and free thinking.

The application of a law that should protect an unidentified “religious sentiment” is highly subjective, completely arbitrary. There are countries where even a woman’s song can be considered blasphemous. A reality that moves large sums of money and votes but which cannot be satirized or criticized, becomes untouchable: an unnameable god becomes truly omnipotent even on the political and social level. This is why Ceci n’est pas un blasphème , the festival of censored arts, was born .
The festival enjoys the moral patronage of the Department of Culture of Naples, but to maintain independence and thus guarantee the quality of the curatorship we do not have access to public funds: we are professionals but we work on it as a team of volunteers, we believe in it a lot, if you share the message give us a hand to make it happen: together we can do something great, for art, for poetry, for freedom of expression, against any form of religious abuse!

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